The Throat Chakra – What is it trying to tell you?

The Throat Chakra is thought to be the body’s energetic point for communication.

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When we are unable to keep this point balanced, we can experience physical side effects.
These can include sinus problems, sore throats and coughs.
The idea being that if you are holding yourself back from speaking your truth, your body will manifest this tension outwardly. 

Literally you may even lose your voice.

Are you experiencing throat problems with no medical basis?
Is there a part of you that is not willing or unable  to express yourself honestly, openly or fully?
Being on holiday in Jamaica has given me plenty of time to understand where and with whom I have not felt able to speak out.

Having time to reflect has helped me to see how I am scared to speak my truth, or be myself for fear of being hurt.

Though it’s not always easy, being yourself is really the only way to be.
It’s why we are alive, to shine and glow as the individual we are.

Next time we feel pangs in our throat, pain in our necks, or that persistent unshakeable cough  – think….

Where are you afraid to be yourself?

Where are you afraid to speak out?

Much love Txx 

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