The Space We Need


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So I have been thinking a lot lately about what ‘Space’ means to each one of us.

I wrote about it in terms of art and poetry here.

What I want to do today, is discuss how important it is for us to have personal space in our lives.

Times in our schedule when we have nothing planned, times when there is nothing pressing on our agendas, and in our minds.

I am also interested in how this relates to another.

Are we aware of the space we give to others, or even the lack of space we give to others?


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I have been in those romantic situations where my partner has asked for space, only for it to mean that they were done with the relationship.

It is interesting how we equate space with an end. 

As if it is impossible to have space within relationships, friendships and families.

In my experience, the best friendships and family relationships exist with plenty of space around, and in between.

I suspect the best romantic relationships also function in this way.

So why do most of us have such a dysfunctional relationship with space?

We use it as a weapon, a means of isolation, or ignore the need for it at all, and instead stifle.


I meditate by observing the stillness between each breath, the space between each breath.

This helps me to stay in the present moment.

I believe allowing space more fully into our lives, can help us all to stay in the present. 

Space between activities, space between relationships, space between pushing ourselves on to the next goal and savoring what we have already accomplished.

Space in our own spaces.

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Watch out for the next post about how we can create this space.

Much love Txx

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