Crystal Focus – Clear Quartz for Spring (and the benefits of wearing light grey)


There was a day last week where I felt compelled to take my Clear Quartz Crystal to work with me.

This Crystal was given to me by a wonderful friend of mine, and spends most of its time sat in my bedroom on my spirtuality table.

That same day I decided to take it to work, I also felt called to wear alot of grey.

I put on light grey socks and a light grey T-shirt. Items of clothing I never really wear!

I was in the middle of a situation that was completely confusing me, and as I have started to get into understanding how wearing colours can influence your energy, I intutively felt called to wear a clear colour in order to promote clear thinking.

Clear Quartz gently protects the aura and neutralises the air, it acts as a healer and purifier and can stimulate the immune system.

It is also a master balancer as the clearness of it, means that it can stimulate and balance all of the Chakras.

It works super well when placed with another crystal as it amplifies the energies of that other crystal.

For me I find it incredibly clearing.

I suffer from Chronic Sinusistis and this physical block that I feel for weeks on end, is very often mirrored by emotional blocks.

Clear Quartz helps me to manage these blocked energies by creating clear points of understanding, no matter how little, I recieve insight when I have clear quartz around me.

This artcle also links the Crystal to the Major Arcana Tarot card, The Tower:


(The Tower, Rider Waite Smith Tarot)

A card that for me is all about a moment of supreme clarity, for good or for bad. A Eureaka! moment.

Clear quarz is easy to purchase from any crystal or New Age shop as well as Amazon and even museum gift shops.

It is very reasonably priced and is a crystal so neutral and gentle that it is perfect for a crystal beginner.

I intuitively feel like this crystal may also be very good for those people that are Air signs. (I have my moon and rising sign in Aquarius.)

This is a Crystal I feel is perfect for use around the Full Moon time as it will promote even further clarity.

I love placing this Cystal out under the light of the moon in order to cleanse it.

I also feel that this is a lovely crystal for Springtime because of its fresh energy, that speaks to me of new beginnings and fertility.

Have you got a piece of clear Quartz? How do you use it? How would you use it?

Much love always Txx

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