A note about tomorrow’s Full Moon: Enlightenment


Last month there was no Full Moon and metaphorically and literally we may have remained in the dark about many aspects of our lives.

Things may have happened that only led to further confusion – disagreements, misunderstandings.

This dark period allowed us to confront the darker parts of ourselves, our addictions and our patterns so that we could really see what was holding us back.

This Month holds two Full Moons and therefore a double whammy of enlightenment.

The Full Moon is in the sign of Virgo, an earth sign represented by the major Arcana Tarot card The Hermit.

This is a card about going inwards, searching within for answers that you may desperately need.

We did that to some extent last month and yet this month we will do it again from a place of clear seeing.

The torch has been lit within each one of us, and it is time to use what we learnt last month to our advantage.

This could lead to arguments this month, an overspill of passion and conflict as we start to realise that things were not quite what they seemed only a few weeks ago.

There could be change of hearts in relationship and job situations.

There could be u-turns in significant decisions.

The Sun sits in Pieces and our emotions are stimulated, perhaps over stimulated.

Watch out for moodiness and indecisions.

Pay special attention to how the way you feel may be pushing you to act rashly.

As with every Full Moon, this is a chance to see things clearly and to use that wonderful insight to create good things in your life.

If you feel tired around this time, allow yourself to rest as this will help you to act towards others from a place of love and compassion.

That is what it means to be a hermit, going within to connect with a peace you can bring outwards.

This Moon-Time shine a light of compassionate truth onto your current circumstances.

Be authentic with yourself and others, just be mindful that you do it all from a place of love.

Much love always Txx

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