Psychic School Week Six – Elbows and Ice-Cream


So I have started a 10 week Psychic Mediumship Development course with the College of Psychic Studies in London.

I’ve decided that Saturday posts from now on will be a write-up of sorts, of the things I experience each week.

A mediumship development course, is not about learning how to be a Medium per se, but rather how to develop your innate mediumship ability.

Unlike psychic ability that many believe (including me) is an ability that we ALL have and can learn to tune into relatively easily, mediumship is usually something that people are called to. Though we all have the ability to connect with spirit, acting as a Medium is something that requires a lot of development and earnest commitment.

In short, psychic ability is about reading the energy of a physical being/object, and mediumship is about connecting to the spirit world, and serving as a channel for messages.

As an intuitive Tarot card reader I use my psychic ability a lot when reading, I literally pick up and read the energy of the person sitting with me, or tune into the energy of a person I am reading for remotely.

I do not need the aid of Tarot/Oracle cards to do this, I have read people’s energy my whole life without realising I was doing this, but I find using cards useful.

As a medium, I channel messages from the spirit world also when I am reading, and often times when I am talking on a day-to-day basis, and on this blog. It is these channelled messages that I use for the Wednesday Wisdom posts.

I never thought of myself as a Medium until I was identified as one by an internationally regarded Trance Medium.

So after getting my head around this, I enlisted on a Development course with a view to develop my gifts:

(ps..doesn’t the above blurb remind you of the blurb at the beginning of a Law and Order episode?! Ha!)


So yes, you read the title correctly!

This week I experienced touch from my Angels in the midst of meditation.

At the beginning of each session, we sit for about 20 minutes and the tutor takes us on a journey to raise our vibration high enough for mediumisitic work.

(This is is akin to shamanic journeying that is usually accompanined by drumming)

She guides us to a place where we wait for our Guides, Angels, or departed loved ones to make contact with us and provide energy, healing, reassurance or wisdom.

This week at some point, I began to feel as though someone was squeezing my right elbow over and over again, and this continued until we opened our eyes, and for some time after.

I know Angels sometimes make contact with us in light brushes or strokes across hair or cheeks, but I have never felt that kind of contact before until this session.

I wondered what the significance of touching my elbow was. My gut instinct felt like it was some kind of pressure point being used for healing.

It was only some time after that i thought it could possiblly have been a tugging sensation almost like a call for attention.

So I looked it up.

I googled:

“Spiritual significance of elbows”

I found that the elbows are symbolic for flexibility, and therefore our ability to manage and adapt to changes.

The elbows, along with the knees, are the most flexibe part of the human body.

I wonder if my Angels were trying to alert me to the need for more flexibility in my life as new things begin to happen?

The elbows, more specifically the inside of the elbow crease, is used as an accupuncture pressure point to help with stomach, and indigestion issues as well as anxiety.

The upcoming changes I feel heading my way, are leaving me feeling a tad anxious, which does affect my digestion – could this elbow stimulation have relieved some of this?


Near the end of the session we spent some time in more traditional circle work.

We worked up our energy as a group, and allowed any spirits that wanted to come through the chance to speak, and deliver messages for any member of the group.

I almost instantly felt a spirit communicate with me, he let me know that he was an Uncle of someone in the room, and that he used to work in an Ice-Cream shop!

I relayed this information to the group and sure enough one of my classmates regonised the energy as her uncle, and he used me to relay messages to her.

How wonderful!

Till next week…

Much love Txx

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