Psychic Protection – How To Do It

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As mentioned in the previous post,  I have been practising psychic protection for a while now.

It forms an important part of my Mediumship and Psychic Work.

Here are the ways in which I do this, with the specific reason why.

Smudging with Incense 

I burn incense regularly at home in order to clear my space and home energetically. I will burn incense in my room, and move the stick over each corner of the room, holding the intention that I am clearing the area of any energy that is not of my highest good.

I also burn essential oils for this purpose, Sage especially,  as it holds a high vibration for protection and cleansing.


Holding Intention

As mentioned above, one of the simplest ways to protect ourselves from energies that freak us out, is to hold the intention that we are safe.

I intend for myself that my Angels and Guides as well as God will keep me safe at all times, and in all circumstances – however that circumstance may look or feel.

I believe that I am loved and protected.


Invoking Angelic and benevolent energy 

Whenever I have a bad dream, in the dream if I am capable, or immediately when I wake up, I call upon God or Jesus Christ to protect me.

If you ever feel scared whether or not you believe in Angels or God or any other higher power, you can still call upon them for protection.

It works trust me. 

Archangel Michael and Jesus are known for their protective power.

We are all worthy of calling on Angels and God and Christ, don’t let any outdated beliefs of not being worthy stop you if you feel like you need to.



My favourite!

If I am on a crowded tube and am feeling anxious, I imagine myself encased in a lovely big bubble.

This helps me to feel safe and sound. I hold the intention that good things only can come through the bubble and meet me.


Cloak of protection/Armour 

At the end of every Psychic School session, we mediate and visualise a cloak of protection or armour around us before we head out into the world.

This helps us maintain our own energy and keep unwanted energies out.



This one is very powerful, and one I don’t do that often as it can directly impact others.

If you are feeling attacked by someone in your physical space, visualising a set of mirrors around you will allow the malice they may be pointing towards you, to be reflected back to them.

I only use this in extreme circumstances as even if it is their own malice they will feel heading back towards them – I prefer to send out love and light.


Send love 

As above, if you are feeling attacked by any being physical or spiritual, you can send out a vibration of love.

This is a preemptive protection method for me – I regularly send love out in meditation to those around me, especially anyone I am having difficulty with, in order to help maintain harmony.


White light 

Another way to quickly cleanse your energy is to visualise white light moving from your head to your toes like a waterfall.

This helps after having an argument with someone, or if you have been conducting psychic work and need to cleanse your pallet so to speak.


I will stop there for now as I am getting tired, (I am writing this when I am still in bed ill) though I feel there are many more ways to do this too!

Perhaps I will do a Part Two to this post at some point.

I hope this helps those who feel like they need it.

Much love Txx

2 thoughts on “Psychic Protection – How To Do It

  1. This is great advice. I was thinking about this because I don’t think I’m psychic but I am highly empathetic, so sometimes I can “take on” negative energy. I think these principles would probably apply to me as well.

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