Where Can I Slow Down?


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I recently came down with a bad dose of the flu and all I could think about as I recovered was:

“Where can I slow down?”

In the last five years or so, I have been very conscious of slowing down, and not overdoing it, yet I still find myself burning out routinely.

So I literally have got to start thinking of more areas that I can slow down in.

Lately  I have begun setting aside more time to read. I usually just read whilst commuting to work, forgetting that one of my most favourite things to do is curl up on my bed, or a comfy chair and read with a cup of tea and candles burning for hours!

I also underestimate how much joy I get from expressing myself creatively, writing this blog, writing poetry, going to a museum/gallery just to look. This helps me to slow down.

Spending time with people it takes no strenuous energy to be with – this helps me to slow down. 

Staying in on the weekend to catch up with TV – that helps me to slow down. 

Thinking carefully what to eat that is good for me, taking the time to prepare it and bake, helps me to slow down. 

What helps you to slow down?

Much love Txx

2 thoughts on “Where Can I Slow Down?

  1. I concur with the ways you’ve listed and would add that, for me, being out in nature is a place where I find I slow down most easily.

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