A Little Note About Tomorrow’s New Moon In Scorpio – A Whole New World

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tomorrow’s New Moon falls in the sign of Scorpio which is represented by the Major Arcana card of Death in Tarot.

Death Card 1

The Death card is all about transition and transformation.

It is about endings and beginnings.

This could be the ending of a relationship, or the ending of being single.

It could be the ending of one living situation, and the beginning of another.

It could be the ending of a time of little responsibility, leading to a time of greater responsibility.

Scorpio is one of the most deeply emotional signs of the Zodiac, known for its secrets and comfort in the darkness.

At this New Moon when the sky will be at its darkest, you should see something coming to an end in your life – but only so that something new can take it’s place.

I’ve pictured a white rose at the top of this blog to mirror the white rose that is present in most interpretations of the Death tarot card.

This white rose is symbolic of purity and life after death.

Much love Txx

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