The Kindness Of Others


(Picture by Nicholle Kobi – taken from her Facebook page)



Last night I went to a Meditation Supper evening at a local Buddhist centre, and the talk of the night was on kindness.

I am used to talking about kindness in this context, I have been meditating and attending retreats for years now.

Last night however, it was like I heard it in an entirely different way than I ever have before.

The teacher spoke about how each and everyone of us is here because of the kindness of others.

The nurses that cared for us when we were born, our families, our friends.

The teacher spoke about how even things that do not seem kind at all, will have helped shaped us into who we are –  which is kind in a different kind of way.

It got me thinking how kind God/ The Universe is by allowing us to experience all the things we do, and giving us the capacity to learn from our deepest experiences both good and bad.

There is an inherent kindness in life that is easy to miss.

I guess another word for this kindness is grace.

When you look carefully, or rather when you start to live on a level where you feel carefully – you can see this kindness and grace in the tiniest of things.

Most of all this grace is found in the kindness of others.

I have mentioned before on this blog when my mum told me to look for a kind man to be in a relationship with next.

Kindness as a virtue is so incredibly underrated, but I am beginning to notice it more and more.

I have had many people in my life not be kind to me.

So many people, that it is almost hard for me to recognise true kindness for what it is and when it shows up.

How can you be kind to others today? How can you be kind to yourself? Do you value kindness in others?

Much love Txx

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