A Tickle In My Throat

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For the last couple of nights, I have been woken by a tickle in my throat.

You know, the sensation that makes you cough, though there is not really anything to be coughing about!

The second time it happened, I knew that this was some kind of message coming through to me.

The Throat Chakra is an area that governs how we speak our truth in this world.


It is about authenticity.

For many months now, I have not had the chance to speak to a particular person about something that happened between us.

I am a real communicator, I always prefer to talk about things, no matter how hard it may be.

So this little while has been very hard on me.

Not being able to properly speak on the matter has taught me a lot though.

Sometimes I can be rash.

Occasionally my urge to communicate can mean that I say the wrong things, at the wrong times – things that are then very hard to take back or to rectify.

Not speaking every thought that comes into my head has been somewhat illuminating and has allowed me to govern my emotions in ways that I have never managed before.

In this way, silence was an act of service to me.


But now I am oh so ready to talk.

So ready – my throat is literally itching!


However, I am coming to understand that this period of silence, between me and another, was exactly what I needed.


I may not have wanted it, but it was what I needed.


In this way I am shown that trusting life, when something you care about is taken away, is really the only option.


If I had been able to communicate to this person, I would have said things without the thought and care that is needed.


I would simply not have had the distance from the situation to gain the perspective my soul was calling out for. 


Now that I have, my throat chakra awakens with a tickle.


Much love Txx

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