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This year I turn 35.

I sit here writing this on the eve of one of my sisters turning 40.

Such a milestone that makes me think of my own coming up.

I do not have the kind of life that a younger me thought I’d have by now.

I’m not married, I don’t have any children.

Yet I’m living the kind of life I would never have dared believe I could.

I’m independent, I’m financially secure, and I get to creatively express myself every single day through the Tarot, poetry and anything else I fancy.

I am exactly what child ‘me’ wanted to be:

A librarian and a writer.

I’m doing exactly what child ‘me’ did naturally:

Use my psychic and mediumship abilities to help others.

A few weeks ago I had an emotional chat with another sister.

We talked about how when I was with my first boyfriend I couldn’t think of anything beyond or better then simply living with him.

I wanted that so badly that it felt like the end goal.

That makes me so sad to think that there was a time in my life where I could have not even imagined blossoming into the woman I am now.

Living my life for me and using that special privilege to serve others.

I am so incredibly thankful and joyful that I am here, doing me.

Let’s see what the next 35 years bring…

Much love Txx

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