Interrupting Patterns



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So we all have our ways of doing things.

We may have a certain way we like to walk to work, do our washing, or brush our teeth.

When it comes to the patterns that govern the way we do relationships, or the way we do our entire lives – we may be completely unaware.

The great thing about patterns though is that they are really obvious.

They are simply the things that keep happening again and again. The feelings that keep returning, the themes that show up in multiple ways all around you.

For instance a friend may start going through something you yourself went through. You may see it in them and it may cause you to become frustrated – until you realize you went through the same thing, and it is here again to teach you something.

You may have a bad experience with someone, think it is behind you – then it rears its ugly head again with someone completely new.

When something is reoccurring in your life, repeating itself over and over, this is a pattern.

Once you acknowledge the pattern you can consciously choose to interrupt it.

This is so very hard to do, but takes on a life of its own once you have taken the first step.

A pattern for me has been in taking responsibility for other people’s actions. Always being the one to reach out, always being the one to make amends.

Choosing to not do that has been a source of massive discomfort and growth.

It has shown me the importance of allowing others the space to make their own decisions.

It has shown me all the ways in which I put the focus on others when I could be placing it on myself.

Sometimes a pattern is in the way in which we see things.

We may feel as though awful things outside of our control just keep on happening to us.

In this case, choosing to accept that the things that happen to us, are not our fault, can afford us the space to deal with what does happen differently.

This is a kind of reprogramming of our internal systems that can take a life time, so this post is really just to get you thinking about the patterns you may have showing up in your life.

Can you start to do anything differently?

Much love Txx

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