A Note About Tomorrow’s Full Moon In Aquarius – Let It All Go

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Years ago I wrote a post about letting go and shared it on Linkedin.

One of my ex colleagues commented under it something like:

“When will it end? When will we have to stop learning how to let go?”

I could feel the pain in his question and did not know how to respond.

This man had been through a lot in his life, things that most of us could never even imagine.

I had no answer for him and I hope he has found a measure of peace that makes life better than bearable.

I am reminded of that pain he felt, that utter helplessness, when delving into the energy of this Full Moon.

We are being urged to let go again.

Let go of the layers that you have cloaked yourself in to survive.

Let go of the burdens of shame and guilt.

Let go of the need to control.

Let go of the limits you have imposed on yourself.

Let go of the belief that you are undeserving of the very things you want the most.

It may will not be possible to let go of everything under this Full Moon, but it is the perfect time to begin.

Much love Txx

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