Protecting My Heart

The friend who is staying with me at the moment, holding a heart shaped flower petal!

So, fun fact – I had to learn a special technique during radiotherapy in order to move my heart out of the way.

Rewind –

Before radiotherapy to the breast, a CT scan is taken of the area to plan out the treatment.

When the area to be treated is the left breast, very occasionally the CT scan will show that the heart may be in the line of fire so to speak (!)

This turned out to be the case for me and so I had to learn how to hold my breath during each treatment session, with a snorkel type device, in order to move the vital organ away from the treatment area.

I knew as soon as I heard this was in store for me, that it was highly symbolic.

My heart has been hurt a lot.

I have had very bad experiences in matters of the heart, and for the sensitive soul that I am, I have not just been heartbroken many times over – but heart crushed.

This act of consideration of my heart really moved me.

I did 15 sessions holding my breath for 40 seconds (ish) at a time.

During those 15 sessions over 3 weeks, I slowly realised I was in love.

On session number 16 my personal plan shifted to target a more specific area, and I was told I no longer needed to hold my breath.

The area to be treated over the last 4 sessions was not dangerously close to my heart anymore.

The night before session 16 I had told the man I have been dating that I love him too.

As if by magic my heart no longer needed to be protected.

Much love Txx

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