Possessing the Secret art of Joy

Yes – this is (nearly) the title of a 1992 novel by Alice Walker, but I haven’t read it yet and so this blog is not about that.

Life is not always easy. If there is ease to be found in it at all.

Yet, joy really is all around us.

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Joy cannot be bought in a shop or bargained for with a higher power.

Joy is actually inherent in every single one of us.

The harshness of life is what makes us believe it is not present.

I could talk about the merits of meditation and  mindfulness in finding the joy within, but in the run up to prime holiday season, I want to discuss more simple ways to achieve joy, ways we can all enjoy, without needing to learn a new skill.

Like a child 

Try and do one thing in the run up to the holidays that normally only children do.

Go to the park and swing on the swings.

Go to a shop and choose a bag of pick and mix.

Sing at the top of your lungs simply for the sake of it.

Kick some autumn leaves with your smart work shoes.

Kick back just for one second and be like a child.

Happy children, those free of inherited burdens and strife, and often those burdened down with adult’s issues –  know how to be joyful, it’s something they can’t help but express.

Treat yourself

Image result for exchanging gifts oracle card colette baron reid

(Exchanging gifts – Wisdom of the Oracle Deck by Colette Baron Reid)

At a time of year that is traditionally about giving and receiving – give yourself something little.

Buy your favorite hot chocolate.

Give yourself a manicure.

Run a hot bath, and take the time to just relax in it.

Cook your favorite meal.

Simply find just one evening (more of course if you can manage it) to take some time for yourself.

Let it all go 

Like the song above says, let the sun shine and let your stresses go.

If just for the time it takes you to listen to this song, let it go.

Dance with abandon.

For even just a few minutes a day, practice not thinking about your problems.

Take the time to distract yourself instead, in productive ways.

Read a book, watch a funny video on You Tube. Anything good for you, that takes your mind of your problems.


This time of year can be extra stressful for us all. Shops and transport are extra busy and we are all supposed to be happy. Like we see on our Facebook news feeds, on the Christmas ads on the telly.

Honor yourself, by finding real moments of joy. Moments of joy that are all yours.

Much love


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