Are you Experiencing Passion in your Life?

Lately, I find myself staying up late at night to write poetry, and these blogs.

I recognise these patterns from last year, when I was completing my MA on a full-time basis.

The freedom to be able to spend my time writing, is such a blessing and a treat.

 In the moment; it makes the fear worth it.

The fear of how this will all work out, if I can afford all this time, if I deserve it.

Recently, I keep pulling this card for myself:


(Passion, Romance Angel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue)

and this one:


(Passion, Archangel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue)

Because for the first time in my life, I am beginning to really and truly follow what I am passionate about.

When I sit down to write, my heart comes alive in a way that is hard to explain.

It expands and feels full.

Perhaps this is why I can now recognise the lack I have been used to. 


This feeling, of doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, is almost painful in its joy.

You know how it is when you step outside, and it’s so bright your eyes hurt?

Well, if you are used to the light, there is no more pain.

Getting used to feeling this bliss, is actually a process of acclimatization.

It’s a fine line between giddiness and groundedness. 


It has also been suprising how people around me have reacted to this, how it has changed my relationships, and my approach to them.

I’ve realised who needs to put sunglasses on (so to speak) to deal with me, and who is ready to sunbathe!

I’ve also realised who may be feeling burnt. 

Becuase passion has the potential to destroy, as well as ignite.

I’m not really sure where I am going with  this blog!

For once, I am at a slight loss for words to explain things that I have gleaned this last few months.

What I have gleaned about happiness, and self-love and compassion.

What I have gleaned about the Universe and about our Souls.

All I can say, is that I hope you get the chance to experience this kind of passion in your life.

That there is something, at least one thing, that lights you up with an intense firey embrace.

Becuase a life withouht passion, is a life without light.

Much love always


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