Automatic Writing for the Soul




So I wonder if anyone who reads this blog would like to know how I go about writing the Wednesday Wisdom I feature each Wednesday?

(Here is Last Week’s example)

Well, this is a little post to explain how I do it, and how you can do something similar for yourself anytime you fancy.


As most of you already know, I am a Tarot and Oracle Card reader (amongst other things) and I use the cards to write a guidance message for you all each Wednesday.

Sometimes I shuffle a deck and allow a card to fall out/pick a card.

Lately I simply tune into the collective energy of those who read this blog and receive a message about what card I should write about.

I understand that when I say ‘simply tune into the collective energy’ this may not sound simple at all, so let me explain.


Though I am now actively studying the meaning of the Tarot Cards, I started off reading them entirely intuitively.

I realised that I was using my intuition to get messages from each card yes, but I strongly feel these messages are not coming from the cards themselves, the cards are just a tool so to speak.

I also believe the messages are not coming from my intuition, but rather through my intuition.


What  I do is something referred to as Channelling.

Channelling is related to but not to be confused with Mediumship.

Mediumship is the practice of connecting to spirits that have passed on.


Channelling is connecting to energies outside of yourself, or on a higher level than everyday consciousness.

In this way, there are those who channel Angels, and Spirit Guides, or even their Higher Selves.

My belief system is very Christian at its core, as that is how I was brought up. I pray multiple times a day and have a very close relationship to what I call God.


Others may call this energy, Spirit, The Universe, or Source or Gaia (mother earth) – to name but a few terms.

This ‘God energy’ is what I tap into when I read cards, write certain posts, or write poems.


This energy is what I listen to in order to ‘tap into the collective energy of those who read this blog’, and this energy tells me what card to write about.


It tells me by allowing a card’s name or picture to pop up in my mind.

This energy can be channelled by every one of us by practicing automatic writing.


When I pick a card, or receive a message about which card to use, I begin to write and allow the words to form themselves based on what I am feeling in regards to the card.

In this way I sometimes have no real idea about what I have written until I read it back, and edit.

In the Poetry and the Divine workshops that I run, I get participants to do this very same thing.


They pick a card and then free write for 5 minutes.

Often when they look back at what they have written, they are surprised by the profound and personal messages they find.

 You don’t have to have any spiritual belief system for this to work for you as your own higher self, and intuition will always kick in.


I have simply been connecting to Source for as long as I can remember, and so it is very natural for me to defer to It so to speak.


I allow my writing to be overridden.


And so this is how I channel the messages for you every week!

I hope this has been interesting for you to read.

It has been very enlightening for me to write, as I have never even really explained this to myself before.


Thank you for reading!

Much Love Txx









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