When The Universe says No

So in a change to my weekly schedule…

I’m Ill!

Still not entirely sure what’s wrong, but most likely some kind of bug. Regardless it’s not been pretty.

I’ve been seriously run down these last few weeks and so it’s no surprise that I’ve got ill.

I know my body enough to know when it’s starting to give out.

I’m kind of into Gospel music, I sang in a Gospel choir while I was at Uni and the following song kept popping up in my head yesterday whilst I lay in bed feeling rough.



It’s one of my favourites. (and also kind of the way I like Beyonce best, with Kelly and Michelle)


The chorus goes:

“When Jesus say yes, nobody can say no.”


Then it dawned on me, what about when Jesus/God Or simply the forces of The Universe – say NO!?

Surely that then means nobody else can say yes?


Being ill is like a big fat No.


No you can’t go out.


No you can’t eat.


No you can’t get comfortable.


No you cannot be without pain.


So what exactly can you do when you are floored and unable to be active?

What exactly can you say yes to in those moments?

Yes to rest.

Yes to sleep.

Yes to reading books.

Yes to sipping water.

Yes to stopping.

Yes to inner reflection.


Most of all you can say yes to taking care of yourself. 


I have been over-busy for weeks, if not months.

The post that I did have scheduled for today was actually all about being less busy, and I will publish that next week.

For now I am going to honour my body, the Universe and God by listening.


I am taking a week off from blogging and will be back next Saturday (God willing) with more.

Much love Always and thank you so much for reading.



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