Earth Signs in Astrology and Tarot – A (very) Quick Guide




(image from – All images of Tarot Cards from Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck)




So as it was very recently my birthday, I thought it would be a nice idea to do a little blog series on Astrological signs.

Now, I am NOT an Astrologer, but I have been following Astrology for a number of years now, even before I started reading Tarot.

Many people think Astrology (And Tarot) is a load of old nonsense, if you are one of those people this post may not be for you.

However if you are interested in how we can use our Sun Sign in a fun way to gain a little insight into who we are as individuals…read on!



*These posts will be focusing on our Sun Sign, the sign that corresponds to where The Sun was positioned at the time of our birth.  This is the Sign that most of us will already know, and is what most popular horoscopes are based on. This is the Sign that reflects our outer personalities, the way we show up in the world and are seen by others. 


If you would like to know what your Sun Sign is, or want more in-depth Astrological information, take a look here. 

There are 12 Astrological signs and a mix of them will be sitting in different places in your personal natal chart, depending on where planets were positioned at the time of your birth.

The Astrological signs are grouped into four elements: Fire, Air, Water andEarth.

The group I want to look at in this post are the Earth Signs.

The Earth Signs consist of:

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn 

Each sign is represented by its own Major Arcana Tarot Card:


Taurus: The Hierophant – A card of convention and commitment.





Virgo: The Hermit – A card about going it alone, and seeking spiritual wisdom.


Capricorn: The Devil – A card of great passion, but also addiction and restriction.





The suit in the Tarot that relates to the Earth Signs, is the suit of Pentacles:


Earth sign people will be steadfast grounded and loyal.


They will be concerned with making their lives physically comfortable, and will understand the importance of building a solid foundation in order to manifest their desires.


They are not the ‘fastest’ moving people in the zodiac, and the term ‘slow and steady’ could be used to describe most. They understand the importance of patience when making dreams into reality.


However, they can sometimes find it hard to make change happen, and can easily become stuck in mundane cycles.


Sometimes they can become so concerned with making ends meet, or saving,  that they miss out on the more spontaneous aspects of life.


So how can an Earth Sign person, utilise their astrological skills to the betterment of their lives?



Comfort as a state of mind


Living with an Earth sign can be wonderful as they really know how to make a house a home.

However this desire to always be comfortable can sometimes lead to materialism.

If an Earth sign can see comfort as starting in the mind, they may not need to spend lots of money to achieve it.

Meditation can help with building a state of mind that can be present and feel fulfilled in each moment.

This can also help those Earth Signs who are not able to be as physically comfortable as they would like right now.

Though being grounded in the physical is important, an Earth sign can learn to use their mind to create stability.



Change is not scary


Earth signs may register sudden changes as being very threatening indeed.

Understanding that change is a necessary and natural part of life, is important for an Earth sign.

Though they may know this and be able to handle slow change, the ability to be adaptable quickly is something that can be learnt.

Change things up for yourself often if you are an Earth Sign – change your routines in the smallest of ways in order to keep yourself flexible.


You can make things happen.


Earth signs understand how to make things tangible.

Naturally practical and grounded, Earth signs in balance will have no problem making things happen in their lives.


Slow and steady really does win the race, continue to think long term, this will serve you well as long as you take each step when the time is right.



Do you know anyone that this information may help? If so pass it on!

Much love Txx


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