Air Signs in Astrology and Tarot – A (Very) Quick Guide




(image from – All images of Tarot Cards from Rider Waite Smith Tarot Deck)


So as it was very recently my birthday, I thought it would be a nice idea to do a little blog series on Astrological signs.


Now, I am NOT an Astrologer, but I have been following Astrology for a number of years now, even before I started reading Tarot.


Many people think Astrology (And Tarot) is a load of old nonsense, if you are one of those people this post may not be for you.


However if you are interested in how we can use our Sun Sign in a fun way to gain a little insight into who we are as individuals…read on!


*These posts will be focusing on our Sun Sign, the sign that corresponds to where The Sun was positioned at the time of our birth.  This is the Sign that most of us will already know, and is what most popular horoscopes are based on. This is the Sign that reflects our outer personalities, the way we show up in the world and are seen by others. 


If you would like to know what your Sun Sign is, or want more in-depth Astrological information, take a look here. 


There are 12 Astrological signs and a mix of them will be sitting in different places in your personal natal chart, depending on where planets were positioned at the time of your birth.


The Astrological signs are grouped into four elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth.


The group I want to look at in this post are the Air Signs.

The Air Signs consist of:

Gemini, Aquarius and Libra



Each sign is represented by its own Major Arcana Tarot Card:




Gemini: The Lovers – A card of duality, choice and love, can sometimes denote a soulmate or Twin Flame connection.



Aquarius: The Star –  A card of hope and healing. A hint that something is divinely guided.




Libra: Justice – A card of balance and justice. Can sometimes denote Karmic justice.



The Suit in the Tarot that relates to the sign of Air is the suit of Swords:




Air sign people will be logical and deep thinkers.

Philosophical in nature, they can be skeptical if reason is not employed.


There is a lot of ‘weighing’ things up in regards to how Air sign people think. They will give excellent and objective advice.


Able to see other people’s points of view they are just and fair.


An Air sign person can be quick witted and articulate, but can also be sharp tongued and sarcastic.


Just as they can be deep thinkers, they can also be prone to overthinking. Stirring up a lot of strife and pain in the process for themselves.


Air sign people can live a lot in their heads and become idealistic as a result. they can also lack a sense of grounding and can be prone to having their head in the clouds.


So what can an air sign person do to keep balanced?


Get out of your head


Understanding that you are prone to overthinking is the first step in learning how to cut down on it.

My moon sign is in Aquarius (maybe I will talk about how our Moon sign affects us in another post) so I understand how all that thinking can spiral easily out of control.

There is a fine line between thinking something through in order to gain clarity and thinking yourself in circles.

If you find yourself thinking about the same thing for longer than 20 minutes and getting nowhere with it, give yourself permission to take a break.

I find going for a physical walk really helps me.


Bite your tongue 


Understanding that I don’t have to say everything I am thinking has been invaluable.

I know that I can occasionally be quite sharp tongued when pushed, and so I have learnt to keep my mouth shut on occasion if I cannot say anything nice. (it’s hard sometimes!)

I also know that I have a tendency to be pretty blunt, again I employ all of that thinking energy before I speak.

An Air sign person would be wise to always think carefully before saying something controversial.



Appreciate your balanced intelligence. 


Being so naturally fair and balanced is a skill very few people possess.

Being able to give such objective advice is a blessing, and one that you will be sought out for.

Realise that you can be a peacekeeper with this level of intelligence, but don’t forget to use if on yourself too.

Try to employ the same level of objectivity when dealing with your own problems, and be sure to show yourself the same level of fairness that you show others.

I hope this helps 🙂 Feel free to pass it on to any other air sign people you may know.

Much love Txx

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