Crystal Focus: My Himalayan Salt Lamp Crystal



I brought this beautiful thing to help with my sinus pain.

I am not quite sure what triggered my Chronic Sinusitis. The answer I usually give is that after recovering from Glandular Fever, I was left with a whole host of (relatively minor) health issues, and Chronic Sinusitis was one of them.

Since viewing my life through a more spiritual lens however, I have noticed that like most things, my sinusitis is triggered by how I am feeling or coping emotionally and energetically. (Really Glandular Fever was also a symptom of this – albeit an extreme one)

However it is also triggered by allergies to Tree Pollen or the common cold. (Again I started to become sensitive to pollen when I became more spiritually awake. I have ALWAYS been highly sensitive to common infections like the cold)

I had heard that humidifiers might work well for me as they moisten the air, especially helpful for the drying out of my surroundings during the central heating fuelled months of Winter, but I wanted a more natural way to cleanse the air around me of pollutants, and also something that would subtly also cleanse the energy around me.

Hence say hello to my little friend: My Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

The best of these crystal lamps are handmade by local artisans near the Himalayas where the salt for these crystals are sourced.

It is worthwhile really being careful where you buy your lamp from, whether online or in a physical shop. Make sure it is authentic and has been sourced in an ethical way – a bit of Google research makes that straightforward to carry out. Go with a supplier that feels right for you, in the same way you would feel if something like a piece of Rose Quartz was calling to you.

Most are familiar with the benefits of salt, and the extra benefits of Himalayan pink salt have become a lot more well known too in recent years.

Salt acts as a purifier, physically and energetically and I use it in my baths on a regular basis.

So it is no wonder that I am finding this Crystal lamp to be a complete necessity in my day to day routine.

It took me absolutely ages to research on the benefits and best suppliers and so I urge you to do the same and read a wide variety of opinions about them as I found selecting this lamp to be a very personal undertaking.

Also it pays to read up on how to maintain them. Things like keeping them on all the time vs not for example.

For me it really took a couple of months  to see the benefits, most specifically my Sinus pain has completely cleared. I find that I breathe easier at night (I have the lamp in my bedroom), and the soft glow it emits I find deeply relaxing and healing.

If you so wish to do further research here is a great article to start you going with.

Much love Txx





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